Thursday, August 09, 2007

Vista Pre-SP1 Release from Scott Hanselman's blog

Scott wrote an article on a Pre-SP1 update for Vista users.  This patch made my wifes pc respond much better after installing the Performance Update.  Not sure if its the computerized "Placebo Effect" or what but it sure seems faster.  Anyway I wanted to share this with you. 

The link is

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Market is looking UP

Finally a day when we can look at our stock and smile.  This summer was a drag in the market but it's soon coming to an end.  A great story of what happened to me today.  I bought this stock FCSX for $52 and change, when it was only 23 cents up today.  The stock in just a few hours went up nearly 3 dollars so I sold it.  Literally like a minute after I sold it and I'm not exaggerating it dropped $5 in about 2 minutes.  Had I went to get a drink or something I would have been out a few hundred dollars.  What a day...

Friday, August 03, 2007

A little extra for everyone

Ever try to bust a beer bottle with your bare hands only blowing the bottom of the bottle out.  I did it here in this clip so you can see how it is done.
Disclaimer: No beer was waisted in the making of this movie. Water is the liquid used.

The Ultimate Grid for ASP.NET

All of you ASP.NET developers out there I have a grid of choice for you.  After using DevExpress's ASP.NET Grid Control I am sold.  This grid does it all and with little effort.  If your looking for a grid component either web or winforms I highly recommend this product.  Its the next best thing since automobiles... :)  And no I don't get any handouts from any the companies products I recommend.  I inform you on great tools I use daily and hope they make your life as easy as they have made mine.

Raising the bar for E-commerce Solutions

Imagine your e-commerce site out of the box with a nice customizable theme suitable to fit your sites needs.  Now imagine that same site with the capability to drag and drop a shopping cart, a price module, a user account module, or a payment gateway to name a few without writing a line of code onto your live site and it working.  Take all this and throw in a QA process that allows you to funnel your site changes through a flow of sign-offs before it can be published as a live change with the ability to save as a draft until the final sign-off.  Now take a strong back-end with a built-in CMS that gives you full control of your e-commerce site without having to write a line of code.  And finally, throw in an IS layer that communicates with Microsoft Dynamics and you have Mediachase's ECF 5.0.  Mediachase is the leader of e-commerce solutions for the .NET Framework.  This release is not yet available and is scheduled for the beginning of next year 2008.  This will be a must have if you want a stable e-commerce site up and running that you can trust and depend on today as well as tomorrow. 

Stock Market Goes down yet again

Another day with the market down on behalf of our friendly mortgages and banks.  With the anticipation of VMWare going into IPO August 14th 2007 the best buy is of course the parent company of which will receive a lot of attention EMC.  EMC owns around 93% of VMWare with the backing of Cisco and Intel.  The suspense to make some good money soon is about to materialize.  Happy Trading!!

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