Friday, August 03, 2007

Raising the bar for E-commerce Solutions

Imagine your e-commerce site out of the box with a nice customizable theme suitable to fit your sites needs.  Now imagine that same site with the capability to drag and drop a shopping cart, a price module, a user account module, or a payment gateway to name a few without writing a line of code onto your live site and it working.  Take all this and throw in a QA process that allows you to funnel your site changes through a flow of sign-offs before it can be published as a live change with the ability to save as a draft until the final sign-off.  Now take a strong back-end with a built-in CMS that gives you full control of your e-commerce site without having to write a line of code.  And finally, throw in an IS layer that communicates with Microsoft Dynamics and you have Mediachase's ECF 5.0.  Mediachase is the leader of e-commerce solutions for the .NET Framework.  This release is not yet available and is scheduled for the beginning of next year 2008.  This will be a must have if you want a stable e-commerce site up and running that you can trust and depend on today as well as tomorrow. 

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