Friday, September 12, 2008

Migrating from ASP to ASP.NET

My Team and I have been migrating an ASP page over to ASP.NET for around 2 weeks now.  The site we are moving is very large and will require us to keep most of the ASP pages intact and slowly move them all over in an Agile approach.  The pages the client wanted us to leave in ASP were mainly the Banner or Header page, and the Left Navigation page of pages that would be with or should I say embedded into our ASP.NET pages.  So we had to embed those pages into our Master Page.  The standard #import from ASP did the job however we started noticing that in IE our buttons were not triggering a postback, yet in FireFox it was working.  Wow!!, all this time we were running FireFox and all was well, now we were struggling with a common browser that is not working.  I spent 2 days testing and analyzing, keep in mind we did not have access to the code of the Banner file.  We finally got access and discovered that the Banner section was importing a Search page of which had a Form on the page.  Voala, we figured it out.  You cannot nest forms in ASP.NET.  So in IE the Postback was completely ignored.  However in FireFox we knew nothing of a problem.  Just another one of those events that can make your head turn.

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