Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shrink those Urls


Those using twitter know about the benefits of shrinking a url to reduce character count, a tweet is limited to 140 characters so each letter matters.  Being a tweeter myself I tend to use tinyurl like most people out there.  It is the most popular for shrinking urls on twitter today. 

What if you wanted to not only shrink your urls but also track data about the urls you shrink.  Data such as where the person that clicked your links location is; or how many times they have clicked the link perhaps to show another colleague.  A nice solution that I found out there written by Andy Meadows is  This site is well laid out and tracks some very useful information.  I noticed AMD is one of their customers so I assume I am not alone in liking the service. 

A video is located on their home page which shows us some of the features, you can see it here:

BudURL Demo from Andy Meadows on Vimeo.


This is one of many great sites out there that shrink our urls to save space.  The benefit to is the addition of the marketing data collected that can assist your business in understanding who and where is viewing your site and how many times they have visited.  They have an enterprise version which allows you to use what ever url domain you want which is also very cool.

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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Hey, that's great to know that Andy Meadows did that -- we go to the same church and I've met him and his wife a few times. They're awesome.

Speaking of which, I saw on Twitter that you're also in the Austin area. Nice to "meet" you!

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